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  • Brooklyn Eats

    Brooklyn Eats

    It's time to eat in Brooklyn! Read along to find some of our favorite breakfast eats accompanied by our fashionable OtterBox Cases.Read More »
  • Weekend Shopping Guide

    Weekend Shopping Guide

    It's time for a little weekend shopping and I got you covered! Here are 3 jacket trends you should try this season including a lookbook video to get you inspired to try something new.Read More »
  • Our New Chapter Our New Chapter - Time to begin another exciting phase of our lives. We're so excited!
  • Satin Bomber Trend - Trending: Satin Bombers, the silky sporty piece we all need.
  • Ballet Time - Traveling from school to ballet can be such a rush. Learn how we are able to get around so fast.
  • what is beauty Beauty Talk With Shiseido - Knowing how to care for our skin, so our skin takes care of us as we grow older.
  • brunch Squad Brunch Squad - Brunching in style: how London and I do it.
  • Alpha Series Strada Series - The new Otterbox limited edition case is all we need.
  • School Giveaway School Giveaway - School is cool with Skeeter.
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