Floral Blues

London has been begging for a dog to call her own lately and I’m not into it. We travel often and I just can’t imagine what we would do with a pup. Instead I thought it would be a great idea to dog sit! My good girlfriend and editor-in-chief of Taste The Style lives one block over and is the proud mom to an adorable little yorkie named Rocky. I called her up and asked if we could kidnap her child for 24 hours, to my surprise, she said yes! LS was so excited she wanted to take him everywhere as if she was the leading contender in the pedigree show. I have to admit, it was cute to watch them together but after he made a pit stop on my curtains those wonderful thoughts left my mind. I happily returned the cute cuddly pup with no intentions of adopting one of our own.  Nevertheless, check out London’s cute little floral harem pants that I’m currently obsessing over, I love the functionality of her outfit today:) Check out the photos and Let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to follow that cute lil pup, rocky on Instagram


LS and Mommy







20140314-234047.jpgWhat Shes Wearing:

Shirt: Levi’s Button down denim top
Pants: Zara Kids
Shoes: Zara Baby

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