Image-1-3 Image-1-3Image-1-3Image-1-3Image-1-3Today we took a visit to Coney Island. I haven’t been here since I was in high school and back then, it was filthy!  Although the cyclone still looks like it should be condemned, the kiddie rides were fantastic! Scout had a chance to run around this miniature carnival like she owned the place.

It was a little chilly by the beach area so we opted for an “all black” look. She reminded me of Aila Wang, Alexander Wang’s niece. Something about the color black on children, looks so chic to me.  She resembled a mini hipster when we added this outspoken graphic beanie from Neon Rae. I had the chance of meeting the designer of this company and she was fantastic! If you haven’t done so already, checkout her online shop here.  I felt this look deserved a vintage boardwalk feel so I changed up the color a little bit. Thanks for stopping by!


LS and Mommy

IMG_7360 IMG_7359_Fotor

IMG_7226 IMG_7210 IMG_7335_Fotor
IMG_7256_Fotor IMG_7353_FotorWhat She’s Wearing:

Dress: Petit Lem
Hat: Neon Rae
Boots: Zara

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