Forever Wild


We decided to take a quick family getaway to Tremblant for the weekend. I usually only visit this gorgeous place during ski season. I had no clue how many activities they have  for children during the summer. Her dad and I took her to see the Birds of Prey show. We both figured she would be into wild life and we assumed correct! She wanted to touch every bird that came out, she loved it. I caught a few shots of her wearing the cutest “forever wild” tee by L’enfant Sauvage (which I felt was appropriately themed). Hope you enjoy the photos and as always, thanks for stopping by!


LS and Mommy

IMG_5328 IMG_5309 IMG_5330 IMG_5339 IMG_5301 IMG_5342 IMG_5295 IMG_5324 IMG_5387 IMG_5364 IMG_5360What She’s Wearing:

Tee: ℅ L’enfant Sauvage
Pants: Zara Floral Harem
Boots: Zara

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