I recently stumbled across CHaLKnyc while late night scrolling through instagram. I was instantly drawn to this stylishly chic brand created in NYC. Let’s face it, I’m a die-hard New Yorker and love to support the locals.
CHaLk creates fun, edgy clothing that moms would want in their size. Trust me, I want every piece of their fall collection and you would too! I had the chance to chit-chat with the designer, Colleen Crivello who confessed that she sometimes matches her daughters style organically. Haven’t we all committed a little unintentional  “twinning” with our kiddies? After meeting Colleen I could spot her spunky, effortless style in her creative designs,  which has marked this brand as one of my favs.
I was swooning over each garment on Scout’s petite frame. The leather is buttery soft and the signature gold hems throughout every piece, screamed pure quality! I want to apologize ahead of time as I had to snag their entire collection and can’t wait to show off every piece. Hope you enjoy today’s look and as always, thanks for stopping by! 
LS and Mommy
londonChalk 2014-09-30 04_STC_chalk4 2014-09-30 04_STC_chalk3 2014-09-30 04_STC_chalk7 2014-09-30 04_STC_Chalk 2014-09-30 04_STC_chalk8 2014-09-30 04.37.36 2014-09-30 04_STC_chalk2What She’s Wearing:
Jacket: ℅ CHalknyc
Dress: ℅ CHaLKnyc
Hat: ℅ CHalknyc
Boots: Gap Kids 

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