Jet-setting With Children


Jet-setting with children can be a hassle if you’ve never done it before. Scout has been traveling since she was 6 weeks and I wanted to share some tips that I religiously practice when jet-setting with her. I noticed that there are tons of screaming kids on the plane and sometimes you can’t control the temper tantrums. I can see the look of pure embarrassment on a parent’s face when their kid belts out screams and karate chops the seat in front of them. Below are a few tips to help you with these traveling situations.

Airport Chic

Jet-setting with childrenDressing a stylish child doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. This should be the first rule you incorporate when styling young kids. Reach for breathable and loose-fitting clothing which doesn’t restrain body movement when traveling. Try harem pants, stylish sweatpants or leggings like the ones below:


Be Prepared 

jet setting-with-childrenAlways be ahead of the game. Anticipate your child’s needs and pack your carry-on accordingly. Always pack snacks and finger foods and organize them so they are easy to reach. Try using a hanging seat back organizer filled with your kiddies favorite things/food. Hang it directly in front of their seat so it is readily accessible to them.  Bring an extra set of clothes in your carry-on (roll the pieces instead of folding to save room).  You never know what accidents can happen.
Pack games, books and electronics that will keep them occupied and happy. The iPad has become my favorite source of entertainment for LS. I always make sure to download her favorite movies and games before we leave for the airport. Try some of these life savers below:

Travel Wheels

jet setting-with-childrenLet your mini’s carry their own suitcase. They are so proud to mimic your airport moves by having their own set of wheels. LS gets a kick out of pulling her carry-on through the airport just like mom and dad. You will be surprised at how many articles of clothing you can fit into these bags! Use the tuck and roll method when packing to save more space, it works like a charm! Below are some really cute and inexpensive suitcases your kids will love.


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