7 Curly Hairstyles For Kids

7 Hairstyles for kids

I know how tough it is to style curly hair, I was born with curls. LS has the same curl pattern as I do which is why I wanted to share a quick video of 7 easy curly kid hairstyles that will get you out of the door in no time. I hope it’s helpful and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Here is a brief breakdown of each style:

1. Half up half down: Create a part from ear to ear and separate the hair. Gather the top of the hair into a hair tie and create a bun.
2. Side sweep: Push top half of the hair to one side and secure with hair pins. I have a full tutorial of this on the blog here.
3. Top Knot: Gather all the hair to the base of the head and wrap in a hair tie. Pull a few of the hairs out just a bit to create a messy effect.
4. Twisted side pony: Part the hair to one side. Begin to twist the hair all around the base of the head. Bring to one side and secure with a hair tie. pull out a few front hairs for a effortless look.
5. Twist into a low ponytail: Part the hair down the middle and twist each piece to the back. Gather each twist into a low ponytail and fluff out the curls to make them big.
6. Faux Hawk: (my fav) Grab a large claw clip and pull hair to the middle of the head. Clip the hair but leave some of the front out to create a little poof.
7. Pigtails: (This is so cute on curly kids) Part the hair down the middle and tie each piece into a high pony.


LS and Sai

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