5 VSCO Filters You Need

I’m frequently asked about what filters I use on my photos across my Instagram feed. I personally like to edit my photos with the same filters so my pictures look cohesive across Instagram and other social channels. To accomplish this, I use VSCO and I want to dish about each of my favorite filters and examples on how each edit can transform your photos. If you don’t have VSCO, feel free to download it here and thank me later. If you’re like me and also love VSCO, what are your favorite filters?

A6 Analogue/ Aesthetic pack

The A6 preset creates a clean, minimalist look. Your skin tones will be warm and rich with added brown tones.

5 VSCO Filters you need now

S2 Bright & Clean /  S Series 

Flourishing with brightness, S2 generates splendid skin tones and achieve optimal results when paired with portraits or scenes with lighter backgrounds.

5 VSCO Filters you need now

HB1 Hybeast x VSCO

The Hybeast collaboration with VSCO offers bold and modern presets. They offer high contrast portraits to gritty urban photos. This filter is personally my favorite and I use it very often. It’s also free so make sure you download it.

5 VSCO Filters You Need Now

C6 The Chromatic Collection

Captures the bright and bold look of mid-century analog film. The Chromatic presets offer primary colors mixed with muted neutral tones. I typically use the preset c6 for food as it can really amplify colors and make them pop. I enhance or remove saturation after applying the preset.

5 VSCO Filters you need now

C4 The Chromatic Collection

The C4 Evokes more of a muted neutral tone to portraits, environments and editorial. If you’re looking for a natural tan then the C4 preset could accomplish this look with ease.

5 VSCO Filters you need now




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