7 Essentials Every Kid Needs

7 Essentials Every Kid Needs

We got together with our friends from MiniMode and Decided to put together a video on 7 basic essentials every kid needs in their closet. These pieces are all versatile and can be worn several different ways which is why they should be in your wardrobe. Most of these styles are inexpensive and can add textures and layers to ordinary outfits. Here are our 7 essentials including a video of our fashionistas showing off their favorites.


 Leggings are extremely versatile and can be layered under skirts or dresses especially in the chillier months such as fall. You can add playful prints to amp up the fun or keep them subtle with solid colors.


A Jacket is a must have! Several jackets are a hit this season which includes the leather moto, bomber, jean jacket and blazer. Each piece is can be dressed up or down and also add a little bit of boy vibes to a very feminine outfit.


Tutu’s add instant cuteness to any outfit! Not only are they adorable but if you have a very girly girl then she will be extremely happy to leave the house and prance around in this piece. They can be layered and paired with tee’s, leather or sparkles!


Stripes are an absolute must-have! They are a neutral in my book and can be paired with everything. You can even mix patterns with stripes because they are so versatile. Trying pairing them with solids or other prints such as polka dots for a fun look.

Boyfriend Jeans

Easy to throw on and a must-have for weekend fun. Not only are they adorable for mini’s and adults but they’re comfortable and functional which is key for children’s clothing. This piece can also be paired with the leather moto, bomber or blazer and finished with a striped tee for an elevated look.


Accessories can make all the difference in an outfit and these finishing touches can really take the look to the next level. Think headbands, backpacks, scarves and crossbody bags. If you have a very picky dresser then a good trick is to allow them to pick out their own accessories so they still feel as if they had input in what they wear. It also gives them the chance to express themselves.


It’s no secret, you need shoes. Going barefoot, especially in NYC is not a good idea. All the classic sneakers are back with affordable pricing. Try to snag a pair of converse, Stan Smith’s or Superstar Adidas. They’re comfortable as well as versatile. A pair of slides and loafers should also be in your closet for beach and brunch days.

In today’s video We collaborated with Colleen Crivello from MiniMode and talked a little more in-depth about the 7 essentials every kid needs. Our girls also demonstrated some of their favorite outfits. Beware, the video might actually make you laugh out loud. Don’t forget to tell us what you think.



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