3 Ways To Wear Boden

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Mini Boden
Roald Dahl

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I love shopping for new pieces for London and genuinely get excited every time I see something that she might love. I’m a big fan of Mini Boden, a brand that originated in the UK. I first stumbled upon this brand a few years back during our trip to London and instantly purchased my favorite pieces. Each piece is well made which is perfect for machine washing and garments are made for the exploring child.

Boden recently did a collab with Roald Dahl to create a whimsical, imaginative collection for kids. Picture Matilda as well as Charlie And The Chocolate Factory rolled up into a clothing line for children. London absolutely loved this collection and was so happy to wear it all. I styled 3 different outfits so you can get an idea of how much fun you can have with each piece so don’t forget to tell me which one is your fav.

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Candy Crush is an appropriate name for this look. Scout doesn’t eat much candy but this look was certainly a crowd pleaser when she stepped on to the playground. What kiddo doesn’t want to sport a 3D gum dropped and candy cane sweater? This is a festive piece which encourages imagination and screams fun. This is definitely a piece to have in your little ones closet.

Anyone for worm spaghetti? Children always get a kick out of this particular look and I see why. This piece is too much fun not to rock. I played with the colors and textures by layering with a polka dot top that peeked through both the top and bottom. Scout is also wearing pink corduroy overalls that are hidden under her sweater. If she gets hot at school she can easily peel off the first layer of her clothes making this look extremely functional and stylish.

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