Our Trip To Hawaii

We recently partnered with Disney and Hawaiian Airlines for an unforgettable experience! As many of you know, the Disney movie Moana was recently released and LS and I watched the premiere in Honolulu. Now, I know what you’re thinking “why on earth would you fly that far for a movie?” The answer is; it was an opportunity to allow my daughter to learn about a different culture a see a movie that was about a young girl who follows her dreams.

Disney’s latest animated film, Moana, feature South Pacific myths and culture, Which I think is rarely explored on film. The movie centers on Moana, a born navigator who sets sail in search of a fabled island and meets a pretty comical Demigod. I love that this particular film didn’t focus on a young princess falling in live with a prince. Instead it showed that girls can accomplish anything they put their hearts into. As a mother to a young daughter, this message went a long way!


Our first hotel on this trip was the Aulani Disney Resort. When we checked in, our room was filled with treats as well Moana character figures, backpacks, lip balm, etc. London was in heaven and I can’t lie, the lip balm was a little enticing. The property was absolutely gorgeous filled with pools and trees that transported us to paradise. My only problem was that we didn’t stay long enough.

Hawaiian Airlines did an unveiling of their Disney Moana Plane and we were lucky enough to board that baby and have a little fun! Imagine having every first class seat to yourself? Using the flight attendants phone to make announcements and sit in the cockpit! The plane was filled with Moana characters that had London giggling in disbelief. We resembled two kids in a candy store and quickly related to the president in the Air Force One for about 10 minutes of our life.

We were fortunate enough to visit 3 different Islands to learn more in-depth about the culture and take in the breath-taking Island views. Many people don’t know this but I lived in Hawaii when I was 7 years old and still have family that resides there. I was so excited to learn that we were going to visit Hilo which is situated on the big Island. I immediately called my cousins to come visit us since I have not seen them in years and wanted to introduce them to Scout. We went to a vegan restaurant for breakfast in the town of hilo and enjoyed fresh food from the island. The night before my hubby ended up at a karaoke bar by the name of Joann’s with a few locals after going on a late evening volcano tour. I’m not exactly sure how he got there but let’s just say he had a great time.

The food and views were amazing in each island that we went to. We Island hopped from Honolulu to Kona to Hilo and back. Our Itinerary was pack with adventures including trips to the Astronomy center to learn about how the voyagers sailed. Lo and behold there was a real princess who successfully sailed the waters of Hawaii. ¬†This woman was a real life princess who was so intellectual I couldn’t stop listening to her speak! She was literally a real life Moana but an older version. If there was one main memorable experience that stood out on this trip it would be her! She blew me away and she did all of this with 4 kids and one on the way. Can you tell I’m impressed?

We all had a great time learning about the island but my only regret is not being able to stay longer. I highly recommend taking children to visit the Islands of Hawaii if you have the chance.

  • This post is sponsored by Disney and Hawaiian Airlines but all statements and opinions are 100% my own.

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