New Year, New Gear

Brooklyn, NY

Starting On The Right Foot 

It’s a new year which means it’s time to give yourself  a fresh start. I’m not saying that we should fill our lives with unreal expectations that we will never do but a little inspo never hurt anyone. This is the month to get our butts to the gym and eat clean, are you pumped yet? You’re probably not since my little spill was so weak but how about a little new athlesiure duds to kick-start your #BodyGoals. Here is a breakdown of some of the cutest pieces on the market so treat yourself to a cute workout outfit to get your asses to the gym!



Sai: Top: Six02, Adidas Cirandienra Sweatshirt // Leggings:  Six02, Ivy Park // Bag:  Mz Wallace // Sneakers: Six 02, Nike Max Thea // Sunnies: Quay Australia 


I love having a cute gym bag to take from gym to office. I need a bag that can fit my laptop and water bottle but doesn’t look to bulky. I’m also a huge sneaker fanatic! I feel like I could never have enough which is a terrible habit to have but they’re so comfy!

Sports Bra

I have never been the type to hit the gym and take off my shirt but I always wanted to be that girl. You know the one with abs of steel that your gaweking at in spin class and want to know her secret. Well I noticed a few sports bras on these gym goers and did a round up of my favs below because you want to be prepared when your abs make an apperance this year.


Leggings are the new denim, seriously! They are my absolute go-to in the mornings when doing school drop off and it encourages me to hit the gym afterwards. I also like to look the part every now and then even if it’s just errand day.


Get the layered look with these blunt logo sweaters and zip-ups that have made a serious comeback for the New Year.


Sai: Zip-up: Adidas // Hat: Adidas // Bag: MZ Wallace // Tights: Nike // Sunnies: Quay Australia // Sneakers: Nike,  Roshe Run

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Top off this fun athleisure look with a versatile workout shirt that can take from meeting to gym with ease.


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