Style The Bump // 27 Weeks

Another week has passed and I’m now 27 weeks! The time is going by so quickly and eventually I’m going to have to purchase a few maternity pieces but for now, I think I can still make it work. Here is a break down of this weeks “Style The Bump”. Remember to click the icons in the photo if you see something you like!




Back to the grind as well as the hustle and bustle. I kept it fun yet stylish in oversized sleeves and a button down dress. The look has an effortless feel to it and is extremely comfortable around my belly. I purchased this dress from H&M but you can also achieve this look by layering with the pieces I outlined.


I love heels especially when I’m pregnant. My legs are long but I have a short torso so heels really elongate my body type. My schedule is usually packed with events in the evenings so I went with a more dressed up look. Today I decided to accent the bump for a more fitted office look.


I found this dress while scrolling through the web and fell in love with it. It has a great flow to it and I knew it would go perfectly with my studded boots that I can’t stop wearing. I also love the sleeves and bow that gives this dress a feminine touch.


My Thursday look was very relaxed. I went with loafers and a bomber to run around the city and pick LS up early from school. I purchased a size small in each piece.


I love Friday’s and at times I don’t feel like getting dressed but when I work out of the house I don’t think pajamas are acceptable. I usually reach for something that is comfortable and that I can wear all day. It has to transition into a night outfit so I went with over-the-knee boots. I purchased these Gucci boots at an outlet in Montreal but unfortunately they are sold out. Try going with some of my suggestions in the banner to achieve the same look.

* Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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