Discovery Treats

Spring is almost here which means we will be adding a new little one to our family. It was so important for me to organize one last family trip before the new baby arrives. Spending time with my family and creating memories are things I like to do regularly especially because Scout has an impeccable memory!

We teamed up with TEDDY Soft Bakes to dish on how we snack during travel plus fun ways to inspire both parents and children to engage in discovery-filled moments together.  TEDDY Soft Bakes are fluffy, soft-baked filled treats created in the shape of a bear which have a hidden flavored filling that kids will love to discover. Can you imagine how excited LS was when she found the chocolate filling inside these fun treats?


I don’t think there is anything wrong with giving our children treats once in awhile. Just like adults, we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of something we want to indulge in every now and then. Vacation is the perfect time for treats, fun and play for the entire family to discover.

Snack Time

LS doesn’t have very many treats when we are home which is why I like to surprise her during vacation. During snack time I typically like to take a minute with Scout to discuss things she would like to do or learn on our trip. Building conversation around eating is a good bonding moment and always sparks her interest.


I typically like to bring what we discussed over snack into our playtime routine. Since we are visiting the beach we mapped out a treasure map that we could do together plus bring TEDDY Soft Bakes along for the adventure. Imagination for children is everything so take some time out from your phones and  get into it.


Since LS is such a light snacker I sometimes have to include her snack into her daily activities. For example; I made TEDDY Soft Bakes part of our treasure hunt experience with TEDDY being the buried treasure. I also let her create the game and choose what we will do for the prize.

*Today’s Post is sponsored by TEDDY Soft Bakes

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