Is NYFW Like High School?

Is NYFW Like High School?

Photo By Ryan Chua

I love these girls: Jessica Wang // Jessi Malay 

NYFW has come to a close and although it was productive I’m glad it’s over. I always incorporated fashion into my life because it was an outlet for me as a child. It was also a great way for me to express myself. Others who don’t think the fashion world is an art is sadly mistaken. To see a designers work come to life on a runway is extremely magical and something I always admired. Those are some of the reasons why I continue to attend the shows every year.

Now that I’m older, I’m starting to see a shift in changes as well as people who attend the shows. I’ve come along way since my interning days as I watched the industry editors sit front row and take mental notes on their favorite pieces to pull for the season. Now the front row is filled with digital influencers who account for generating over 113 million social engagements during NYFW alone. It’s no wonder why a brand would want to invite an influencer!

Let’s cut the crap and get real about somethings I’ve noticed especially this year. Fashion week is a “who’s who” and a place for the hottest it girl. Some girls flock to the same photographer or roll in groups that bring you back to a scene of the movie Clueless. Some girls are extremely sweet and professional where others are catty, feel entitled and look down on you. I attended one show that felt like I was sitting at the wrong end of the lunch table in high school. I find myself to be easy-going so could you imagine my disbelief to see some influencers behave like a “mean girl”. I’m all for empowering and supporting other woman especially the girls who are in the same field as I because I respect the hustle. Unfortunately, we all don’t think the same but maybe that’s because of insecurities or lack of maturity. I make the best out of my time and I’m mostly there for work. I love seeing the girls who I have created relationships with as well as some of the PR teams that bust their butts to put on these elaborate shows. There are some great moments but no matter what you do for a living, there will always be a little drama.

I don’t want you to shy away from fashion week because not all of it is similar to high school. You will still meet amazing people and get a first look at what will be inspiring your looks for the upcoming season so start planning for the shows this fall and don’t forget to say hi if you see me.

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