Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

I just stepped into the third trimester and can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by! I swear this pregnancy went by so much faster than the first. I’m a lot busier this time around plus I’m already taking care of a little one. By the time you have anytime to yourself, you realize you’re pregnant! I hardly look at apps and every now and then I forget I have a doctors appt. I remember when I was pregnant with LS and I was so excited to go to the doctor to hear her heartbeat. It’s amazing how things change after you’ve already had a child.

This is the year for kids, every corner I turn I run into someone who is expecting! Can we get into the fact that Beyonce is having twins? I know I’m running off topic here but I’m so excited to see that a lot of my followers are also expecting this Spring/Summer. It feels good that we’re all in this boat together especially because none of my close friends are expecting. Now that I’m in the 28th week, I wanted to update you on what’s happening with my body, so let’s do this.

Braxton Hicks

What the hell is happening? As soon as I turned 28 weeks my uterus started contracting. I didn’t have this with LS so I was a little nervous at first. Considering that Scout was a premie I was concerned that I was going into early labor and ran to the phone to call my doctor. It was a false alarm and it turns out that I just need to drink more water. I’ll be honest, I drink so much water that I’m sick of running to the toilet every 5 minutes. How much more water can I possibly drink? However I went in yesterday to grab another sonogram and test my urine just to make sure everything is ok since the tightness around my belly is a little intense. I usually drink a cup of coffee or Matcha in the am followed by 3 glasses of water but I’m starting to think that I will have to cut out the coffee for the duration of this pregnancy which sounds like a terrible idea.


Can you say-TIRED? I am seriously struggling over here. I feel like I’m back in an episode of my first pregnancy YouTube video. I’m exhausted but I have so much to do that I can’t take a nap. I’ve found that I want to go bed at 8:30 because I just can’t stay awake! I’m always on the move and can never sit still so I’m just trying to find ways to adapt to the sleepiness.


Surprisingly, I haven’t really had an cravings. I don’t eat anymore than when I did before I got pregnant and I’m not using my pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything in sight. I like to be healthy and It’s my job to make sure I feed the baby healthy. There are so many healthier options for food nowadays so why not take advantage? However, I do have a love/hate relationship with Talenti Gelato but as long as I don’t buy it then I won’t eat it!


I can not seem to sleep comfortably anymore! I’m a huge stomach or back sleeper and now I can’t do either one! My pregnancy pillow is a little overwhelming since it’s so huge and it wraps around my body. It also feels as if I’m dividing my bed in half and my poor hubby can’t cuddle with me. I’m over the pillow and looking for an alternative besides propping pillows between my legs. Let me know if you have any suggestions for my struggle!


Fire Questions:

  1. Weeks: 28
  2. Weight Gain: 15 lbs
  3. Baby’s Weight: 2.25lbs
  4. Trimester: 3rd
  5. Delivery Date: April 22nd
  6. Gender: Boy
  7. Favorite Prenatal Pill: Rainbow Light (Soft Gel Capsules)
  8. Favorite Pregnancy Product: Belly Band

That’s it for this month’s pregnancy update, let me know if you have any questions and will update you in 4 weeks!



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  1. Cassandra H
    February 5, 2017 / 9:23 AM

    Hi, I’m new to finding STC and am actually pregnant with my first, and find myself curious to know if you have any post-pregnancy hair ideas you’ll be implementing. I have hair like yours and barely want to do it now and with a newborn I’m afraid these curls might turn to dreads. Do you plan to style as usual or will you be looking for the quickest of alternatives?

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