Newborn Bath Time Essentials

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Baby’s First Bath

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It’s hard to believe that Rio Dash was born over two weeks ago! The time seems to be flying by and we’re already starting to develop a routine. Once Rio’s umbilical cord fell off, I knew it was time to make sure I had the right products for his skin as well as bath time. So I’m teaming up with Aveeno to outline some of our favorite newborn bath time essentials.

I discovered Aveeno baby when London was born because my pediatrician recommended their products. The products are all formulated with oat to help nourish and protect newborn skin, which I love because it’s extremely important to me that I keep his delicate skin baby soft for as long as humanly possible. I’m definitely ingredient conscious when it comes to both Rio and London, so I was thrilled that these products are free of paraben and phthalates. Here are a few must-have essentials that made my list for bath time.

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo

Wash & Shampoo blends natural oat extract into a rich, lathering, soap-free cleanser that cleans without drying. I start the bath routine by applying a few drops of Wash & Shampoo to a wet organic cotton wash cloth and begin creating a small lather. I typically start at the top of the head and work my way down before rinsing the baby.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

Rio’s skin is peeling and I found that Aveeno’s Daily Moisture Lotion keeps him moisturized for 24 hours. I’m a big fan of baby massages and like to rub this formula into the skin in circular motions with my thumbs. He loves baby massages especially on his tiny feet. I used the same method with London, which is probably why she’s obsessed with massages.

Some other essentials I use for bath time are organic cotton towels and wash cloths. I also decided to get a no-fuss tub that could fit easily into my sink. Newborns are so tiny that there’s no way they could fit into the bathtub unless you decide to jump in with them. Lastly, I purchased a baby brush/comb set to brush down those sweet little baby hairs after bath time.

This is my favorite routine and I adore these #TinyMoments between Rio and I. What essentials do you use for your bath time routine?



My favorite Bath Time Essentials

Photography by: George Elder

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