Getting To School With Uber

Getting To School With Uber

Traveling to and from school can be stressful when you don’t have a car. Any morning that involves children can be tough especially when you’re always in a rush. I rely solely on my trusty Uber app to get us to school on time without having to worry about fighting for a parking space during morning drop off.

At the beginning of the school year we signed Scout up for the school bus which picked her up and dropped her off. One afternoon we picked her up from her routine bus stop except she wasn’t there! As my heart dropped to my feet I began to drill the bus monitor with multiple questions as to where my child was. It was the bus monitors first day and she seemed to not have any idea who London was nor did she seem to care. My fear and rage began to grow before a little 5-year-old pulled on ┬ámy shirt and said “London was on the bus today!” I immediately thought she was let off at the wrong stop and began to become frantic and stormed on the bus. To my surprise she was in the back of the bus sleeping and the bus monitor didn’t do a bus sweep!

This experience horrified me and I immediately began to use my Uber app as frequently as I could. I decided that I will take her to school daily and not deal with the stress that the school bus caused. I also love that I can save money by using Uber X and should we need a car seat for the new baby, I can also request a family Uber. Cars are always available and I’m happy that I have an alternative way of getting around town safely without owning a car.



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