Hydrating Curls

*Today’s Post is sponsored by Pantene but all statements and opinions are 100% of my own.

Gold Series

Summer weather is here which can be a nightmare for our hair if humidity is involved. I’m constantly on the hunt for products that can not only combat frizz but hydrate our precious curls during these hot weather months. I teamed up with Pantene to dish about our experience using the new Gold Series collection. After cleansing our hair with Pantene Gold Series Deep Hydrating Co-Wash we followed it up with the Gold Series Hydrating Butter Crème and Curl Defining pudding to lock in moisture, refine curls and reduce frizz. LS wanted to enjoy the weather so we let our curls air dry as we walked through the neighborhood to my office. I had a couple of star stickers at the office and wanted to surprise her with a princess hairstyle that she has been requesting for several weeks. This is how it all went down.

The Hairstyle

After playing outside we decided to head back to cool off and create an easy hairdo for curly locks. Since we used most of our favorite products in the Pantene Gold Collection at the house there was no need to reapply. I only used the Gold Series Intense Hydrating Oil for the fragile flyaways in the front of Scout’s hair. I loved how lightweight but moisturizing it felt in Scout’s curls and it smelled divine as well!

The Look

For this hairstyle, I parted the hair down the middle and twisted each side to meet one another in the back of the head. I fused the pieces together and held it with a rubber band. I continued to add elastic bands to the ponytail that were 2 inches apart from one another. I then pulled a little hair out of each band to give it an effortless feel and accented the look with star stickers. She loved it and it instantly brightened her mood!

Soft Curls

Since today was all about my princess, I kept my hair the same but added a little of the Gold Series Hydrating Butter Crème to soften my curls which felt amazing to the touch. I highly recommend this product as I’ve been using it for a little over a week now and it’s amazing!

Photography by Sean Dougherty

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