It’s no secret that the city has my heart but sometimes it’s nice to getaway from the hustle and bustle. We teamed up with NY tourism to Scout Long Island and show you that there’s more to New York than just the 5 boroughs. We packed up the kids and took them on a short 2 hour drive out east to experience what the Island has to offer. I hope you all get a chance to visit some these places, Scout loved each and every one of them!


First things first, you need a place to get cozy for a few days. While exploring all that Long Island has to offer, we called the Hyatt East End our home for a few nights. Our room was spacious, clean, and we found the staff to be really friendly and accommodating. The hotel was centrally located from all of the attractions we mapped out which made getting around quick and easy.


This was by far one of my favorite places. I thought London would lose interest but she was sucked in from the moment she saw the fields covered in purple. We had a chance to learn a little history about Lavender Bay from the founder, Serge. He drew us in with his fun stories about France and how he started growing Lavender. He was intriguing and charming and I wanted to listen to him for hours. We learned how to properly care for Lavender along with a few tips for caring for my skin with this wonderfully scented herb. This is the  largest Lavender fields in the country, this place was a total dream. It smelled like heaven and running through the lavender smelled so incredible.  Lavender is typically in bloom late June thru mid July so plan your trip quickly so as not to miss out on this wonderful experience.

Although you are not allowed to pick the lavender for fear of picking prematurely (Serge picked this for us) there are fresh bunches that you may purchase. Here’s a tip: The buds have oil pockets. If you squeeze them with your two fingers they will break and leave your fingertips smelling of pure happiness. 


There’s nothing better than going to the beach with the kids! Smelling the fresh salt air, playing in the sand and getting the perfect beachy hair is my idea of a terrific day. One morning we woke up and drove straight to Main Beach in East Hampton. Parking was incredibly simple and we unpacked our beach chairs and settled in to have a leisurely day. Scout and her dad created a sand castle while Rio slept for most of the day. I think the salt air and sounds of the ocean were really soothing to him. Main beach was equipped with bathrooms and a food bar incase you needed a light bite or water. They also sold beach umbrellas and chairs incase you forgot yours.

The Long Island Aquarium

This place went beyond my expectations! Not only was it a few steps away from the hotel but it was a lot bigger than I expected! I have to be honest, at one point I caught myself being so excited that I forgot to take photos. So let me fill you on a few things that commanded my attention. The first thing that amazed me was that you can book a personal one-on-one with the penguins. That means, you can go inside, get close and learn about them, they will even attempt to smile in your selfie or usie (which ever you choose). The second thing that I though was great is that you can go shark diving in the actual tank! I mean, I don’t have enough courage to do so but I thought long and hard about it for a good 10 minutes. The third thing I loved is the touch tanks. You can stick your hands inside the tank and touch the sting rays. They felt strange at first but after a few minutes you get use to it. I must have screamed at London about 5 times to take my photo touching the sting rays but she wanted nothing to do with my shenanigans. After visiting all the tanks, seals and otters we came to a halt at the Koi fish. It was 25 cents to get a handful of fish food and watch the Koi fish almost jump out at you. It was almost as if I were playing a game of hung hungry hippo. I highly recommend stopping here with the kids, they will love it!



We all know that LS loves to swim so this place was her dream come true. She splashed around in the wave pool and went down the water slides about 100 times. The park was so big but didn’t seem too overwhelming. They also offer a feature where you can book your rides ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in any lines! Luckily we went on a quiet day so there were literally no lines! we stopped and played a few games and couldn’t resist a milkshake treat. Did I mention that the parrot show is also not to be missed!

I must have watched her go down these slides at least 20 times in a row!



We came to the Cradle Aviation Museum for LS but I was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying the history of it. I had no idea of the role that Long Island had in the history of aviation. For example, did you know that the most famous event to have occurred on Long Island at this time was Charles Lindbergh’s historical flight from Roosevelt Field to Paris in 1927? It was a great learning experience for the whole family and my rule of thumb is to make every trip a memorable and learning experience. 

We also had a great time exploring the Planetarium, Dome Theater, and carousel.  I definitely say this a must do for families visiting the area.

There were so many places to stop and pick fresh fruit and flower’s. There are also many winery’s that are kid friendly and filled with gorgeous grape tress and tons of space for the kids to run around.

Where To Eat

There were so many great places to grab fresh seafood, sit outside and enjoy a cold glass of Rosé. Here are a few that we checked out.

  • Jerry and The Mermaid
  • Orient By The Sea
  • Farm Country Kitchen
  • Bistro 72
  • Pera Bell

The Experience

The experience was great! It was relaxing and fun for the family. I love that NY has so much to offer without having to travel to far. I highly recommend visiting Long Island with the kids since it’s a quick getaway! Please let me know if you get a chance to make it out and if you discover any places that we missed!



* Today’s post is in partnership with I love NY tourism and all opinions are 100% of my own.

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