How To Design Your Baby’s Nursery

Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to do a nursery reveal for a while now, and I figured the perfect way to do so is by helping you put together your own! Every mama knows that when you have a new baby, you start to melt a little when they smile at you and you have this desire to give them the world. But since it’s expensive and maybe a smidge greedy to buy out land across the globe, a practical alternative is to build your new baby a sweet nursery that becomes his or her little world. Here are my tips for curating a peaceful and pretty space for your little one.

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Choose your color palette

I like to keep things crisp so I went with a bright white nursery with gray, beige, and baby blue accents. Think about what colors will be soothing for a newborn who may still be growing accustomed to the whole “being alive” thing. Pastels are very popular, but of course, you’ve got to choose colors that appeal to your unique style. If you’re unsure, paint the walls a neutral color and add accent colors in more subtle ways: throw blankets, a colored chair, a rug, etc.

Select a theme

I chose to do a Scandinavian themed nursery because I wanted the space to feel fresh and clean. I’ve always admired the way Scandinavian design is functional, but also playful and crisp. I decided to incorporate animal-themed decor and dreamy cloud bedding for little Rio. Some parents immediately know they want to do a princess, jungle, sports theme, etc. If you don’t want to commit to anything too drastic, just focus on your color palette. Again, you can add a theme later based on the decorations you’re gravitating towards. You might end up building a whole theme around a poster or throw pillow you fall for!

Buy furniture based on your space

Before you go furniture shopping, you’ll want to grab a measuring tape and get some numbers down so you know what you’re working with. I had a fairly open space for Rio Dash’s room so I determined I could fit a dresser and an armoire in addition to the necessary crib. It’s always easier to walk into a furniture store with a paper of measurements than it is to find yourself with a dresser that can’t fit anywhere except for smack dab in the middle of the floor.

I got this crib from the Norwegian company Stokke, and I love it because it will also convert into a toddler bed! Cribs can be expensive, but by getting a convertible crib you can make an investment that will take your kiddo from his/her breastfeeding days to preschool.

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Make a budget

Crib hunting can be a bit daunting, but once you’ve established a budget you can determine which stores will be the best for you to choose from. Go online and hunt around to get a feel for the typical price range of nursery items, especially if this is your first baby. I got all of Rio’s furniture from Restoration Hardware, but there are plenty of stores out there that offer adorable pieces for less. Target and IKEA are two wallet-friendly options. Doing this early will help you avoid overwhelm in the baby aisle.

Plan for Storage

Baby’s require a lot of..stuff. Diapers, clothes, pacifiers, formula, blankets, changing stations, bottles, toys, lotions, strollers. It’s amazing how many things you need to care for such a tiny little human. Of course, this means you’re going to need to plan for storage in your nursery. I picked up a woven basket to use for Rio’s baby clothes and blankets, and then I used the armoire and dresser for his other belongings. Under-the-bed storage bins and baskets are easy fixes for supplemental storage.

Add the finishing touches

Ah, the fun part! Once you’ve painted the walls and bought the furniture, you get to add the splashes of personality. A woven bean bag is a great corner piece and an easy way to add a pop of color. I also like to have cozy rugs in my rooms, and this white and gray diamond one went perfectly with my theme (similar here). I also incorporated a white sheepskin rug. If you want to add extra lighting, floor lights are space savers and also good when you don’t want to rely on harsh overhead lighting. I chose some chandelier-inspired floor lamps to frame the crib. For some added dimension, I hung up a gorgeous wall mirror and propped a funky, decorative ladder in the corner. In terms of bedding, I snagged a sweet cloud quilt and an embroidered Rio Dash pillow to personalize his sleeping space. A world map tapestry in neutral colors hands on the wall so I could at least metaphorically give him the world. The rest of the room is decorated with fun, animal-inspired knick-knacks, like the polka dot piggy bank and the mounted felt animal heads on the wall.

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Well future parents, I hope you learned a little something about what goes into the nursery process or at least enjoyed seeing Rio Dash’s stomping grounds.



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