Mastering Your Morning Routine: Mom Edition

My mornings are an adventure to say the least. I’d like to say that I jump out of bed like Cinderella with birds singing in my window, while I effortlessly slip into my OOTD…but my friends, that is not the case. I get up at 5:30 am and head off to my training session at 6 am. It’s been so hard to get myself out of bed, especially since Rio has been waking up so often to feed during the night. Call it a small miracle or a lot of motivation, but I’ve been to every session since I started!

After my sweat session, I come home and get LS dressed, feed her breakfast, and hand her over to hubby for school transport duty. Sometime during the process, Rio wakes up. I feed him baby food, change him, get him dressed, and drop him off at daycare at 9 am.

And somewhere in the chaos, I have to find the time to get myself ready. No two days are the same. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until both kids are gone, and other days I have to haul Rio’s ExerSaucer into the bathroom with me while I shower, playing peek-a-boo in between shampoo and conditioner.

The struggle. Is real.

I made a video for you to showcase how I get ready in the morning! Check it out to see which products I use on the daily and you may or may not get a free sample of my bathroom concerts.

Be sure to check it out and leave me a comment!



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