5 Workout Moves to Tone Up Your Whole Body

January has a gotten a bad reputation over the years. As if the bone-chilling temps weren’t enough, you also get to enjoy the ho-hummery of returning to a routine. Although the January lull may seem boring after the all-encompassing chaos of the holidays, it’s also kind of the perfect time to take initiative on the projects you’ve been putting on the backburner. You know, all of those things you’ve been saying you’ll “get around to” since your feet were sandal-clad, such as actually opening your planner instead of using it for decorative purposes, volunteering at your child’s school more often, and prioritizing the holy grail of self-care, getting yourself in shape.

I am often on the run, and even though my obligations have slowed down a bit this month, busy is just a part of my identity as a working mom. I know myself though, and one thing that keeps me from putting my sweat session off is some fresh workout gear laid out on my dresser. It’s cute, comfy, and staring me in the face in the morning so that I can’t possibly make excuses to skip out on my workout.

Old Navy has a ton of playful and functional gear that is perfect for the supermom who crushes it at work and in the gym. I recently snagged these cheeky, patterned leggings and a matching sports bra to up my fitness game. By layering a lightweight gray tank top, I was able to run errands in style before getting up close and personal with my workout mat.

I thought it would be fun to show you guys five of my favorite workout moves to tone up your total body. You can do these moves anywhere without any weights or fancy bands. All you need is a mat, some cute gear, and your sweat session soundtrack.

Walking Lunges

Targets: Legs & Butt

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly step one leg out in front of you and lower so that your back knee hovers a few inches above the ground. Return to standing position and repeat on another side.


Targets: Arms

Start in push up position. Slowly lower one arm to put your weight on your elbow and repeat with other arm. Then push back up to extend your arm one hand at a time so that the pattern is down, down, up, up. Feel the burn? That means it’s working.


Target: Whole Body

Burpees are not fun, but they are effective. Start standing up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Jump up and extend arms. Then hop down to a squat, jumping feet out behind you to push up position. Reverse by jumping feet back into to squat position and pushing off to jump in the air. Return to standing and repeat.

Laydown Pushup

Target: Arms & Abs

Lay down with your stomach on the mat and place palms next to your chest. Push up, keeping your knees on the mat and back straight until arms are fully extended. Slowly lower back down until your face is on the mat and extend arms straight out past ears. That’s one rep.


Caterpillar Walk

Target: Arms & Abs

Starting at the edge of the mat, slowly walk out hands until your body is in push up position. Then jump feet into squat position and return to standing position. Repeat.

Don’t forget to take some time for self-care every day. If getting in shape is your game, I hope these five moves and some killer workout gear help you spring-forward into 2018!



This post was sponsored by Old Navy, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Photography by George Elder

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