How To Dress For NY Fashion Week

Holy heels, it’s here. Designers are preparing to debut their creations, runways are being set up, photographers are lurking around every corner, and bloggers are holding up traffic, doing what it takes to get the insta. It’s fashion week people.  Like any big event, fashion week comes with a lot of hype, which is exciting and a little stressful at the same time. Maybe you check off days in your agenda until this time of year or dread it like an appointment for a root canal because of the stylistic pressure. It’s undeniable that there’s one question hovering in the air on the days leading up to fashion week: what do I wear?!

You can wear anything this time of year. You could put a toilet seat around your neck and a fashion writer just might dub you an avant-garde style genius. I’m not saying that I encourage that, but you get the point. Weird is typical.

I tried on a few looks when I was planning my wardrobe for this week, and this quilted skirt and blazer in the wild print was one of my favorites. The blue and green color combination is magnetic and the print is exactly the type of busy I was looking for. I wore a blue and white checked blouse underneath (similar), mixing prints with patterns. To play with volume, I decided to belt the entire look using my structured Prada waist bag with hanging gold hardware. The bag cinched the oversized blazer at the waist and broke up the pattern. Then, I slipped into my Malone Soulier booties and threw on a pair of rounded sunglasses (similar).

Play With Color

Yes, black and white are classic colors that are always in when it comes to fashion. They’re also a cop out for playing it safe, and this is the one week when you want to throw caution to the wind. Be daring with bright hues, pastels, even mixing colors that you typically think of as clashing. Pink and red? Do it. Orange and green? Sure. If you have a killer outfit that happens to be rather neutral, at least throw a few splashes of bright color on your person in the form of accessories. A tan pantsuit is way cooler when you add that mandarin orange bag.

Mix Prints

NYC is a loud city in general thanks to the cacophony of honking horns, construction, and uh, millions of residents romping around. But the chaos and crowds of fashion week make the city even louder. To make a splash you have to dress loud as well. No print is too bold, no pattern too wild, and mixing the cheetah print shirt with the floral mini is actually encouraged. Anything goes. Have fun with it.

Add a structured bag

No fashion girl’s look is complete without a bag to hold her wallet, lipstick, and phone. This is the time when you pull out the cheeky Dolce & Gabbana bag if you’ve got one. A structured crossbody or the newly popular fanny pack bag will add necessary funk to your look. Choose a purse with some real structure or groovy pattern (both if you can!). A circular shoulder bag, boxy clutch, or briefcase-inspired crossbody will heighten your ensemble.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Obviously, shoes tell a story of their own. Get creative with some contrast between your outfit and shoe choice. If you’re wearing an extremely feminine dress throw on some rock n’ roll combat boots. If you’re rocking a graphic tee pair it with stilettos. Don’t let your shoes be an afterthought or easily overlook-able. Make sure you’ve either got footwear that contrasts with your outfit or shoes with dramatic color/proportions going on.

Work The Details

More is more on fashion week. Everything down to your nails can contribute to your outfit…electric yellow fingernails? Cool girl alert. Little flourishes are often the most fun part of getting dressed and heading down to a show. Wear satin gloves, headpieces, mismatched earrings, stacks of bangles (maybe not all at once, unless it totally works for you). One detail I’m obsessing over lately is pairing some delicate socks with strappy heels. It’s quirky and instantly boosts the dimension of an outfit.

Regardless of what you choose to wear this fashion week, remember to relax, enjoy the moment, and always come armed with the most important element of all: confidence.



Photography by George Elder

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