3 Reasons Why You Should Take a Solo Vacay

To go or not to go? That was the question.

If you’ve been following along on social media, you’ve probably noticed that I’d been asking around to see if others had ever traveled alone. The last few weeks, the Scout Fam has been out of commission due to the flu, asthma drama, colds, and other ailments that are both aggressively un-fun and not easily shaken. When you’re a parent, you don’t get sick days, and when your kids are sick too, your own health gets put on the back burner. After Scout and Rio were back to their normal smiley selves, I tinkered with the idea of booking a trip somewhere sunny, sandy, and warm, for some guilt-free mental health days and intensive R&R. I joked about it at first. Then I started talking about it. And one day I suddenly found myself with a plane ticket and hotel reservation for one in Miami. So we’re doing this thing, huh self?

If you’re anything like me, you’re comfortable being by yourself, but the idea of taking a full-on solo trip is a little daunting. Will people think I’m a loner? Can I justify taking a break for no reason other than my own mental health? Will the hostess shoot me a pity glance when I say I’m a party of one?

Or will a party of one be the best kind of party?

I was so close to not going for it, but I’m so glad I did. It was one of those decisions where I stood teetering on the edge for a while, and when I finally jumped, I couldn’t believe I ever doubted that it could be worthwhile. Now I’m back in the city, a little bit tanner and a hell of a lot more relaxed, preaching my message to all of you hardworking beauties out there who need a break. I hereby encourage and endorse the decision to take a few days off, pack a suitcase, and – wait for it – invite no one. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you.

You strengthen your relationship with yourself

I think strong women everywhere have one thing in common: they’re comfortable with themselves. It’s important to be able to spend time alone because at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got. After you build this relationship with yourself, you start to crave solo moments without any outside influence. It doesn’t really matter what you do on your solo trip: lay by the beach in a tropical climate, hobble down the cobblestone streets of Europe, dabble in the word of spelunking. Whatever it is, you’ll participate in an internal dialogue without any outside influence. All those thoughts that you’ve pushed to the back of your mind will finally start to come untangled.

You have time to do all the things you yearn for at home

I’d been wanting to take a cooking class, but between work and mom duty, the thought was only a daydream. On a solo trip, you can literally do w h a t e v e r you’ve been aching to do for so long. “I don’t have time,” is no longer your anthem. You’ve got nothing but time, babe. So sign up for the salsa dancing class, get that Swedish massage, and learn how to cook a mean risotto, because this trip is all about you.

You don’t have to cater to anyone else’s wishes

You know how it goes on vacay with family and friends. Your bestie really wants to go to that sample sale, but you’d rather sleep in. Uncle Bob will be damned if he doesn’t get to go to the sports car museum, but you really wanted to see the modern art exhibit. You always have to compromise when others are involved. Taking a solo trip means you have complete control over your itinerary. And guess what? There’s no one who can make you feel guilty about it.

Check out these videos from my YouTube channel for a glimpse inside my solo vacay adventure!

In the end, who cares if people look at you funny or feel bad for you. You’re alone because you needed to be for a while, and it’s better to be alone than in bad company. Book it. Pack it. Do it. Whether you love solo travel, feel self-conscious af, or fall somewhere in between, you still win. Why? Because you learn something about yourself in the process.


Sun-kissed Sai

You know that trip you’ve always wanted to take? Do it. Book it. And go it alone.

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