5 Ways To Get Back Into a Fitness Routine

Okay, okay. So we all try to do a little better in the New Year when it comes to fitness goals, but sometimes this thing called life gets in the way. That’s what happened to me when the flu invaded my house not once but twice within the last month. It came for the kids and me, and we were all subject to a few weeks of body aches and congestion that set us back a bit. I had been on a hot streak with working out, and I even pushed myself to go a few times in between bouts of the virus (ahem, don’t recommend). But honestly, after the germ infestation my fitness routine crumbled like a piece of coffee cake.

But baby, I’m back! I’m no longer under the weather, and I even took a nice little retreat to Miami for some much needed alone time. There is nothing like some R&R to motivate you to get back on track with your goals. Thus, this post was born.

Regardless of where you are with your fitness level, we’re gonna talk about a few ways to ease back into the workout world after a brief or not so brief hiatus.

Take It Slow

This isn’t a Drake song. You can’t expect to go from 0 to 100 real quick. If it’s been a hot minute, commit to a few days a week to workout, such as 3 or 4. Start with shorter sessions or milestones that you know you can reach without too much strain. If you were previously running three miles five times a week, start with only one for now. If you used to do one hour of cardio, start off with 25 minutes and see how your body feels. Every week you can increase your sessions by say 10 minutes or a quarter mile. You’ve got to ease your way back in to avoid overwhelm and build habits that stick.

Consistency Is Key

Planning ahead is going to be your secret weapon. If you have workouts in your calendar for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 am, you’ll be much more likely to take yourself seriously and ya know, actually get after it. Be consistent about the days and times you’re going to workout, and give the time slot the importance you’d give to a meeting with your boss.

Grab a Buddy

If you make a gym date with a friend you’ll be less likely to cancel, and you’ll have someone to hold you accountable if you do. You can make this into a great way to catch up with a friend who you don’t get to see as much as you’d like. Make a date out of it! Workout and post-gym smoothies before you both jet off to the office. If you’re someone who prefers to workout alone, you could just convert one of your weekly sweat sessions into a class you go to with a friend.

Get In Gear

Call me crazy, but when I buy a fresh new pair of leggings and a tank, I suddenly feel like I’m a certified yogi. There is something about buying new workout clothes that makes you, well, actually want to put them on and get moving. Trade in your ratty t-shirt and worn in sneaks for a cute new workout outfit, and you’ll feel more motivated to get to the gym. Also, if you lay out your gym clothes the day/night before a workout, they’ll be there as a reminder not to bail when it’s time to grind.

Sleep Like You Mean It

You won’t have energy unless you catch enough Z’s at night. Getting back into a workout routine requires that you also maintain other consistent habits of self-care such as eating well and sleeping enough. Set a consistent bedtime and try, really try, to stick to it every night. If you start going to bed and getting up around the same time, you’ll feel more apt to tackle your workout & will build discipline about sticking to a schedule. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night if possible.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today. May the flu pass over your homes, and best of luck getting back on the grind!



Thanks to two bouts of the flu, my fitness goals were put on the back burner. Here are a few tips for anyone who’s working on getting back into a workout routine

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