Carving Out Some “Me Time” With Milano

Warning: if you’re a mother, the following scenario may sound eerily familiar.

You come home from a busy day of meetings and projects and head to the kitchen to make dinner for your hangry kids. When the coveted mac n’ cheese is finally done, they eat a grand total of three bites before dumping out the entire toy box on the living room floor. You make dinner for yourself, and suddenly the kids decide they’re hungry for real this time. They want a snack, a drink, a bite of your now cold pasta (fine), a sip of your wine (nooo). When you finally get them in their pajamas, fulfill your bedtime story quota, and plop down on the couch for the first time all day, you hear it, “Mooooooooooommy.”

Oh no…

When you’re a mom, c’est la vie.

Real talk: we all love the hell out of our kids. There is nothing quite as rewarding and meaningful as raising children, developing a special bond with them, and watching them grow into sweet little humans with their own personalities.

But sometimes, you just want to take your bra off, lay on the couch, watch a rom-com, and sip on an XL glass of red wine without having to change any diapers or time any handstands.

And guess what? That’s totally okay.

The daily struggle in the life of Sai goes a little something like this. In the morning, I’m rushing to get London dressed, fed, and ready for school. Then, I try to make myself look presentable without Rio wailing. This involves pulling his ExerSaucer into the bathroom and playing peek-a-boo in between shampoo and conditioner. I head to the office to tackle meetings, create some content and handle the inevitable crisis here and there. When I get home it’s operation feed the kids, homework, showers, and bedtime. It’s a daily grind and it’s e x h a u s t i n g.

Recently, I headed to a really cool event that made me feel a little better about the mom struggles that occasionally weigh me down. Milano hosted a “Save Something For Yourself” event in the city that was focused on empowering women to take time for themselves every day. I got to walk through three floors of rooms with different experiences catered to the supermom. I loved the room full of mirrors with humorous affirmations written on them, and the cookie and beverage pairing was a big hit with yours truly. I created my own meme about mom struggles and of course, ended up on the dancefloor, cookie in hand, jamming to beat of the jukebox.

As a result of this event, I learned that women on average only get about 17 minutes to themselves each day. And I’m not talking about 17 consecutive minutes of Will and Grace on the couch. I mean three minutes in the bathroom, five minutes walking to the office, two minutes to slurp down your morning coffee. It can be draining, to say the least.

Milano even created a hilariously accurate video on the subject, and I joined in on the conversation with my own. Be sure to check it out below!

Milano has been championing women to take some guilt-free moments every day to do something for themselves. Whether it’s enjoying a sweet treat, doing some yoga, watching some really good bad reality TV, or just taking a micro-moment to clear your mind, every one of us deserves a few minutes to reconnect with ourselves. Or at the very least, to catch our breath.

For me, that time is in the evening, when the kids are asleep, the house is calm, and I’ve finished my dinner. You’ll find me on the couch with one blanket, two Milano cookies, and zero ounces of guilt.

Be sure that you’re taking some time out of the day to do something for yourself! If you’re anything like me, after you give, give, and give of yourself all day, your anthem will play to the tune of, “Take what you will, but leave me my Milano cookies.”



This post was sponsored by Milano, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Photography by George Elder

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