Raising Kids in a Technology Filled World

We live in a wireless world full of screens, notifications, and instant gratification. As a working momma, technology is a lifesaver. It allows me to virtually chat with my employees while giving Rio a bottle, and to quickly respond to that important email while cooking London dinner. Technology is fully integrated in the Scout household. In spite of its convenience and efficiency, I sometimes worry about how much this exposure will influence my children’s lives. Of course, I’m not so concerned that I’d raise them on the margins of society, in a cave somewhere, where we’d make wax candles and pretend technology doesn’t exist. However, I also don’t want to see them grow up with screens glued to their palms and eyeballs glued to the screens.

Luckily Scout is still only six, so she’s still more into her dolls than the Internet, although she has shown a keen interest in the world of YouTube. As the kids get bigger, I wanted to find a healthy balance between technology exposure and imagination-induced play time. Occasionally, when I have to bring London to the office or to an event, I’ll let her play a game or watch YouTube videos on my phone or tablet. The girl is nuts for unboxing videos, let me tell you. However, I wanted to manage how much time she’s spending on these devices as well as what she can access. The web is kind of a big place, and in spite of her advanced vocabulary, she is still rather little.

I did some digging for a solution to the digital conundrum, and I found the perfect option for creating a healthy attitude surrounding technology. Circle with Disney is a fantastic device and app combination that allows you to manage content and time across all of your household devices. The device connects to just about every Wi-Fi router and allows you to manage every device on your network through the app. You can create profiles for each family member and customize the settings based on your preferences.

I was able to set time limits for London, filter what types of websites and apps she can access, and set a bedtime so that she switches to a storybook and truly winds down. You can use the Circle app to give rewards to kids such as a later bedtime or a few extra minutes of screen time. You can even pause the internet for events such as family gatherings or board game night. No one will going to be texting while I act out my charade, thank you very much!

The Circle with Disney app helps me avoid technology overload without making it seem like taboo. Managing the digital exposure in the household lifts a huge weight off of my shoulders. I’ll be relying on Circle more and more as LS heads into middle school and Rio gets bigger along with her. Finding balance in life isn’t an easy feat, but Circle with Disney makes it a heck of a lot simpler. Be sure to check out the device and app if you’re looking to enable and manage the digital relationships within your family!



This post was sponsored by Circle with Disney, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Photography by George Elder

If you’re slightly uneasy about the amount of technology exposure your kids are getting, I’m right there with you. Luckily, I’ve found a resource that helps me manage the Scout Fam’s screen time.

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