Commemorating Rio’s First Year

Where does the time go?! One year ago, Rio Dash was still baking in my belly, getting ready to become the fourth member of the Scout Fam, kicking me occasionally, and shooting the occasional junk food craving my way.

Now the little man is crawling like a speed demon, debuting preliminary locks of curly Q hair, and craziest of all, he’s about to turn one year old! I don’t know if this is true for other moms, but I really feel like time speeds up once you become a parent, or perhaps you just have a sharper sense of how fast it truly goes. One day you’re in the hospital, holding a pint sized human and choosing a name. The next thing you know, you’re dropping them off at kindergarten, half-hoping they run back out of the classroom and into your arms. It’s insane that you look at your kids everyday and can’t visibly see them growing up, and then suddenly they’re crawling across the living room, walking to the bus stop, running out for a bite with friends.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. The kiddo is still in diapers after all, but the first year is such a memorable one that I wanted to do something to freeze time and remember how small Rio once was. I have so many beautiful photos of the little peanut on my phone and computer, but they’ve just been sitting there all this time! I wanted to create something I could physically hold and show to friends, family, and Rio when he inevitably grows up.

I partnered with Blurb Books to create a beautiful, hardcover book full of baby Rio’s memories from his first year. Blurb is an independent platform that allows you to skip the drama of project overwhelm and use your creativity to personalize meaningful photo books. It was really fun putting the book together because there were so many templates to choose from to fit my vision and really own the project. I chose the double thick Layflat paper which has a slight sheen, making the book look highly professional. You have the option of running an image that spans the width of two pages (perfect for panoramas or wide shots!) and alternating each page with a unique layout to tell your story the way you want to with the Layflat paper type. The photo book was so easy to put together and hits the ideal balance between cost and quality. The hardest part was deciding which photos to choose because there were so many I was attached to! Ugh, how can a baby be so photogenic?

When I received my book in the mail, I knew I either had to look at it while no one else was around or while chopping onions. I was really impressed by how professional the book looked, and every layout made me get a little emotional. The gorgeous photography and innovative layouts transformed into a meaningful family momento that we’ll keep forever.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t freeze time and stop him from growing up, but I’m so happy I did this project. Now we have our beautiful memories of Rio Dash’s first year stored in an equally beautiful, and tangible, location. But I mean, if anyone figures out how to make them stay little forever, please let me know.



This post was sponsored by Blurb, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Photography by George Elder

I can’t believe he’s about to turn one! I wanted to create something special for Rio’s first birthday so that I never forget how small he once was.

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