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Spring Into Metallic

Spring is only a few weeks away and a perfect time to start adding new pieces to your kiddies wardrobe. One thing about children is that they're consistently growing and

Spring View post
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I don't know about you but I'm patiently waiting for spring to bloom! I wanted to get a jump-start on the warm weather by sharing the Cabbages & Kings SS15 look

Denim Guide: Kids View post

Denim Guide: Kids

Designers are starting to create stylish on-trend denim for children that are so cute I want to wear them! I had a few emails about a pair of flare jeans

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Ultra Violet Kids

We had the chance to stop by the Ultra Violet Kids showroom and had a blast. If you follow us on Instagram then you know I'm an avid fan of

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Took The Look

After scouting Pinterest for an hour three hours I was inspired to start a "Took The Look" segment on the blog. I thought it was absolutely adorable to see an adult

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Ballet Box

I remember having a special music box growing up with a twirling ballet dancer sitting inside. I was literally obsessed with it and would watch it every night before I

5 Tips To Becoming a Hot Mom View post
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5 Tips To Becoming a Hot Mom

How is it possible to become a hot mom when you're always tired? Let's face it, raising a little human is exhausting! Although I document a well dressed kid on

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We're feeling a little laid back today and wanted to give you some OOTD inspiration. Scout is currently transitioning into the pink phase. You know, where everything has to be

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Model World

I wanted to chat about the children's model world which I knew nothing about until Scout entered it. I've received several emails asking how I got LS into modeling and

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to thank you all for being so kind, supportive and just plain awesome! I originally started this blog as a side hobby so I

Golden Giveaway View post

Golden Giveaway

It's time for a Golden Giveaway holiday! We teamed up with our pals over at Mini Pup to bring you this amazing holiday giveaway that Scout and I will be

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Things 4 Toddler

We are so excited to have teamed up with petitePARADE to curate this season's, Things 4 Toddlers! PP hosts a bi-annual runway showcase exclusively for the children's market. This is