Housewarming Gifts That Win

When it comes to housewarmings, I’m always confused about what I should purchase. Here are 13 gifts that will leave your friends loving your picks.

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Discover VICHY

Hyaluronic Acid is great for your skin’s moisture with the ability to hold 1,000 times its own weight in water! It’s also already a chemical that is present and produced in your own body. Read more about Vichy and Minéral 89 Moisturizer.

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5 Summer Essentials You Need

Summer is halfway done but I’m still trying to beat the heat the best way I can. Find out what daily summer essentials you need to get you through these humid and hot summer days including what to drink.

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What's Going On? | Scout The City
Facial Cupping Tutorial | Scout The City
Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed | Scout The City


It’s no secret that the city has my heart but sometimes it’s nice to getaway from the hustle and bustle. We teamed up with NY tourism to Scout Long Island and show you that there’s more to New York than just the 5 boroughs.

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6 Pairs Of Denim That Make Your Butt …

Let’s be real for just a second, we all want that perfect pair of jeans that make our butts look like we do squats for a living. Here are 6 pairs of jeans that will leave you singing “Baby Got Back”.

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A Fragrance For Any Occasion

I am a huge fan of fragrances and think that there’s nothing sexier than a woman’s scent. If she chooses the right one it will tell a story about who she is before saying a word. A fragrance is mesmerizing, shocking and memorable all at the same. Find yours in today’s post.

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Rocker Mom

Get the rocker mom look with Coach

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