Girly Green

While Scouting through the hood today we made a pit stop at the grade school parked behind our building. Unfortunatley Scout didn’t understand the concept that the school was private property and it was a locked fence. To my surprise she wiggled through the fort knox gate and began sprinting a 100 yard dash to the playground leaving me in the dust. I am not as small so I could’nt squeeze myself through the gates. Instead I found myself screaming through the holes of the gate “LONDON SCOUT! GET BACK HERE NOW!!” (for the record, that was useless). I actually had to calmly wait for her to get close enough to the small opening in the gate so I can grab her. It was so satisfying to capture her and scream “GOTCHA!”. Oh, The joys of an active toddler.

Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to leave us a comment.¬†20140314-234303.jpg20140314-234318.jpg20140314-234252.jpg





20140314-234521.jpgWhat She Is Wearing:

  • Floral Sweater: Zara Kids (sold out)
  • Pants: H&M
  • Shoes: Zara Kids

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