Floral Fling


Is it me or is this year flying by? It’s hard to believe that the snow is gone and the warm weather is moving in quickly (thank goodness). It was a perfect day to hit our favorite ice cream shop in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. I requested one scoop of ice cream but instead received a healthy double scoop of strawberry sitting nicely on a sugar cone. London was thrilled but as the sun began to beam it slowly trickled down her fingers and hands creating a sticky situation.

We decided to stay by the ferry, grab a grilled cheese from Luke’s Lobster and take a few pics of these adorable floral pants she picked out from Old Navy. I was actually thinking about distressing the knee area as well as the pockets since I have an obsession with distressed jeans. I figured I would let her get a few wears out of them before I destroy them in a nice way:) Hope you guys enjoy our little Floral Fling.


LS and Mommy

IMG_2554 IMG_2571 IMG_2587 IMG_2598 IMG_2626 IMG_2637 IMG_2646 IMG_2663 IMG_2668 IMG_2687 IMG_2707What She’ Wearing:

Jacket: Zara Kids (Last Season) 
Top: Gap Kids (sold Out)
Pants: Old Navy get them here
Shoes: Gap (Sold Out)

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