Kitty Cap


With the sun beaming down on us lately I needed to find Scout a hat asap. Unfortunately she’s not that into hats but we stumbled upon this kitty cap and we both fell in love! What kiddie doesn’t like adorable furry animals? I’m still amazed that she actually kept this hat on for the entire day! We paired it with some comfy leggings and a tee for a fashionable outfit suitable for the park:)

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LS and Mommy



IMG_3837 IMG_3849 IMG_3863
IMG_3867 IMG_3875 IMG_3882 IMG_3868 IMG_3840 IMG_3866 IMG_3879What She’s Wearing:

T-Shirt: Joe Fresh (sold out)
Pants: American Apparel 
Denim Shirt: Levi’s (old)
Shoes: Gap Kids (get them here)
Hat: H&M (only in stores now)

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