Image-1How much does every kid love a good merry-go-round? I took Scout to our favorite one in the city where it’s only $2 bucks to pony up. We splurged and purchased 3 tickets so we didn’t have to get off for a while. I’m so baffled how kids can spin in circles without suffering from a severe case of nausea. After two minutes of spinning I wanted to make a run for it but I had to stick it out since she was having so much fun.

We were fortunate enough to work with our favorite online store Minou Kids who sent over a pair of “orchard carnival drop pants” by Salt City Emporium. The whimsical design on these pants made a perfect fit for our pony ride. The material is made of a super soft poly blend fabric and accented with the cutest lion and bearded lady (first time I have ever seen a cute bearded lady). I’m so impressed by every designer that Minou Kids carries; they’re hands down one of our favorite stores for fashion-forward kiddie duds.  I paired it with an adorable graphic tee that I found in Greece which had the words “Do it Like Mummy” stamped across the front. I threw on her Petit Lem vegan leather jacket and finished it with our favorite “birdie black laser” sneakers by Akidbrand. These sneakers are OUT OF THIS WORLD but I will be doing a separate post on these fancy little foot workers. Hope you guys enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by!


Mommy and LS

IMG_5814 IMG_5832 IMG_5895 IMG_5850 IMG_5827 IMG_5917 IMG_5935 IMG_5922 IMG_5964 IMG_5956 IMG_5941 IMG_5868 IMG_5902What she’s wearing:

Headband: Salt City Emporium (purchase from Minou Kids)
Top: Purchased in Greece
Pants: Salt City Emporium (purchase from Minou Kids)
Jacket: Petit Lem (available August 1st here)
Shoes: Birdie Black Laser shoes by Akidbrand

Harem pants we are in love with (shop below)


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