Shine Bright



Image-1We have a great rooftop but for some reason it is always empty unless it’s the 4th of July. I decided we should have a small picnic on the roof and enjoy the view. Scout couldn’t stop singing “shine bright like a diamond” by Rihanna and ironically she was wearing an adorable orange playsuit with the words “shine bright” stamped across the front. We paired it with a pair of brown Zara booties and accessorized her hair with an adorable kitty ear headband. Such a relaxing look for our mommy/daughter picnic. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the photos!


Mommy and LS

IMG_4893 IMG_4876 IMG_4915 IMG_4907 IMG_4872 IMG_4891 IMG_4896IMG_4912What She’s Wearing:

Playsuit: Zara 
Shoes: Zara (sold out)
Headband: NYC Street vendor

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