Image-1-7Happy Birthday London Scout! Today marks the day that my little mini me turns into a THREEnager. Bye, Bye terrible two’s and hello bossy three. She has already shown signs of her independence and outgoing personality. I’m going to have to buckle my seatbelt because I’m in for a ride this year.

I have been planning her party all week by making a few DIY frozen themed projects I found on pinterest. I want to start off by saying, Pinterest is a lie! None of those pretty little recipes were easy;/ My cake pops fell apart, my frozen cubed jello treats were mush and my play dough was sticky. When all else fails, go out and buy it! Apparently I’m in dire need of a “DIY projects for dummies” book.

Besides my awful projects I wanted to share a few photos with you. Our friends over at Minimodel Gallery sent over this gorgeous Tutu de Monde ensemble. It fit her like a glove and is absolutely stunning! She pranced around in this outfit like a princess ballerina (her words). She adores the color purple and it’s a perfect piece for her special day. We like to stay true to our “tomboy chic” look so we added the combat boots. Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by!


LS and Mommy

IMG_9433 IMG_9455 IMG_9462 IMG_9487 IMG_9500 IMG_9481 IMG_9547 IMG_9586 IMG_9517 IMG_9560What She’s Wearing:

Outfit: Tutu du monde ℅ Minimodel Gallery
Cape: Tutu du Monde ℅ Minimodel Gallery 
Boots: Nordstrom Rack 


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