Adiòs Summer

Image-1-5Is it me or does summer feel as though it has flown by? My father use to warn me that the older you get, the faster the time will pass you by. Unfortunately, he told me this during my primetime teenage years and I had no patience for life lessons (sorry, not sorry).

We took a quick trip out east with a few friends to celebrate the holiday weekend. London and I had the chance to make a few sand castles, hunt for jelly fish and other various treasures in the sand. During our excursion I noticed that we were standing in some sort-of “sand crab” farm. Of course I immediately freaked out as I saw thousands of sand crabs crawling on my feet. I went to reach for london’s hand but she had already scurried away, leaving me in the dust (smart kid).  Nevertheless, we had loads of fun and have decided to chase the summer as soon as it gets cold in NYC. As always, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the photos.


LS and Mommy


IMG_9073 IMG_9144IMG_9107IMG_9153_FotorIMG_9092
IMG_9099 IMG_9149

I can't believe we were standing in thousands of sand crabs!

I can’t believe we were standing in thousands of sand crabs!

IMG_9170_Fotor IMG_9116

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