Control Freak

Control Freak

Image-1-6Fall is arriving and I couldn’t be happier! There’s noting better to a fashion-obsessed New Yorker than fall fashion! Then again, sunday brunches in Soho during the summer aren’t so bad either. Back to the point; clothes! Scout has so many pieces sitting in her closet that I can’t wait to share with you.

Our first cool weather ensemble goes to this OMAMImini quilted green skirt that we received from my go-to shop, Minou Kids. The gathered silhouette is so flattering and chic on Scout’s petite frame. I’m positive that this is one brand that will blow you away, pinky swear. We paired it with a NUNUNU graphic sweat top that had the words “Control Freak” stamped across the front. Those words summed up this soon to be THREEnager’s personality perfectly. If this outfit was my size, I wouldn’t hesitate to strut my stuff in it. Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by!


LS and Mommy

IMG_9308 IMG_9374 IMG_9336 IMG_9368 IMG_9303 IMG_9413 IMG_9390 IMG_9417What She’s Wearing:

Sweater: Nununu (sold Out)
Skirt: OMAMImini ℅ Minou Kids 
Boots: Zara Kids
Headband: NYC Street Vendor
Shop pieces from OMAMImini



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