Mackage Season


As much as I love all four seasons in NYC, I have to admit its freezing! The only thing that can get you through these blustery times is a warm coat. I grew up wearing layers of multi-colored clothing and non-stylish coats but times have changed drastically. One of my favorite brands which I purchase for myself creates a stylishly warm children’s line that will blow you away.

Mackage is a Montreal based company that designs outerwear to compliment your silhouette. The quality of the exaggerated fur trim and asymmetrical cut went beyond my expectations for children’s outerwear. The fur framed Scout’s face snuggly and fit her silhouette as if it was tailored just for her. It’s hard to belive that this style was created almost a decade ago considering how fashion-forward each piece is. The double collar and leather lined trim take this warm LEELEE puffer to the next level. If you live in a frigid climate then this is surely a piece you should get your hands on.

I love that fact that Mackage and Scout were both created in Montreal. This is the perfect match and hands down my favorite winter piece in her wardrobe. Let’s face it, Canadians know how to make a good coat! Hope you get a chance to have a Mackage season and thanks for stopping by.


LS and Mommy

IMG_6236_stc2 IMG_6166_STC1 IMG_6298_STC IMG_6247_stc5




What She’s Wearing:

Coat: ℅ Mackage, LEELEE Ink Down Coat 
Hat: ℅ Neon Rae, I’m The Bossy Beanie
Pants: ℅ Petit Lem, Animalicious Pleater Leggings
Mittens: 7 a.m. Enfant 


  1. Nia Ally
    November 19, 2016 / 3:53 PM

    – Hey love the coat what size is she wearing and what age was she?

  2. Nia Ally
    November 19, 2016 / 6:08 PM

    – hey what size do she have on and what age is she here?

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