The Chic Lumberjack

The Chic Lumberjack

The Chic Lumberjack

The chic lumberjack is one trend I can’t get enough of. The bold checkered print reminds me of sitting by the fire with hot chocolate in a cabin. Although we won’t be visiting a cabin anytime soon, we could still continue to rock this trending look. You can catch hints of this bold print in Scout’s street style as well as numerous stores that we have outlined for you. Scout some perfect pieces for your littles before this trend is gone.

1. Preen Red Check Tee, Alexandalexa 2. Gap Baby Printed Bear Toy  3. Purple top, Ralph Lauren 4. Wool Allister Slipper, Ralph Lauren 5. Girls’ buffalo check coat, J. Crew 6. Lumber Jack Dress, Minou Kids 7. Quilted Plaid Jacket, Ralph Lauren

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