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IMG_6434I wanted to chat about the children’s model world which I knew nothing about until Scout entered it. I’ve received several emails asking how I got LS into modeling and I wanted to share how it all started.  We’re just like the rest of you who had no clue where to start! I didn’t know anyone in the industry nor did I know “someone” who knew “someone” that could hook us up. Instead I did some serious research on reputable agencies in my city and started internet stalking their reviews. After searching for a couple of days I decided to submit Scout’s photos to Generation Model Management. GMM was established in 1984 and known for representing some of the most beautiful children in the business. I can spot a generation kid at every casting we go on!

Scout21_FacebookA list of reputable agencies in NYC
I often see the following agencies at every casting we attend:


Submission Process: 
Here is the process to getting accepted into Generation modeling agency:

      • E-mail pictures to
      • Tell them where you live
      • Email 2 clear, well lit pictures
      • Include your child’s name, height, and date of birth

I know a lot of us want to explain why our kid is so perfect but really there’s no need. Do not send a collage or any creative photos done on your favourite phone app. Just follow each step and submit. If Patti thinks your kiddie has star potential, then she will call you in for an interview.


Interview process:
Expect a very laid back environment where your child can be themselves. You will be greeted by an assistant and escorted to an office filled with 3 desks. You will meet the president and her right hand associate, Ellen who keeps Generation running like a well oiled machine. They will interview your child to get a feel for his/her personality, don’t worry it’s just small chit-chat. If they love you then they will hand you a couple of vouchers to take with you on your first job!


Getting Casted:
Since I take all of London’s photos I found it easy to keep her pictures up-to-date along with height and measurements (You have to do this every 3 months). She was first casted through photo submission and did not have to go on a  “go-see“. Her first job was for Saks 5th Avenue, modelling Armani Junior. Seeing her shoot these miniature styles was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (probably because she’s my daughter). After this, she worked the entire summer on various jobs including Barney’s children’s video, Barney’s holiday cover, FAO Schwartz, Toys r’ us, etc. She loves every minute of it especially when they have lots of other kids on set, she thinks it’s a big playdate. It’s very interesting to see all of these miniature models who are so well behaved and professional.

IMG_6322 IMG_5324

That’s it! It’s really not that tough. The hardest part is actually doing it! My word of advice is to research agencies in your city and make sure they’re legit! Never pay an agency an upfront fee (that’s a scam). Lastly, if your child is NOT having fun, don’t do it! A successful modelling career consist of children who actually enjoy it.

IMG_6440 IMG_5020

IMG_5013 IMG_6470


  • Littleriverfashiondiary
    Posted at 04:54h, 05 February Reply

    Thanks for the info!! Do you know if the NYC offices accept submissions from kids who live outside of New York–like in another state? I’m wondering if they have satellite offices or deal with talent all over the country, or only specifically New Yorkers. Thanks! @littleriverfashiondiary

    • Sai De Silva
      Posted at 08:30h, 10 February Reply

      Yes they except submissions from everywhere just as long as you’re available to go on castings! a lot of parents drive in or relocate for the summer:)



  • Ally and Woozle
    Posted at 17:32h, 06 February Reply

    It’s been a while since I’m following you on Instagram and it’s the first time I dared click on the link to your blog.
    My son is a child model as well but in Paris. He looks like your daughter as brother and sister… It’s amazing! Whatever! He’s been casted the same way as your daughter… Here in Paris, the child earns 10% and 90% of his earning are kept on an account and can have this money only when he’ll turn 18 years old according a French law which protect the child. He loves that, he’s more confident and he likes earning money. Most of his friend at school don’t know about it. I don’t want them to mock him or judge him. And I don’t show him on social media because his father find important to protect his intimacy… He’s only 5. Your daughter is beautiful!!!


    • Sai De Silva
      Posted at 08:29h, 10 February Reply

      Hi Ally!

      Thank you for stopping by and that’s fantastic that your son is working. yes, it is very important to protect our children but if they model then it’s likely that their pictures will still be out in the world. If posting on social media just make sure to never tag your location;)



  • Mama ToSho
    Posted at 13:57h, 26 February Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing this information, I had no idea how to get my 2 daughters started with modeling. Do you have any recommendations on
    the best type of pictures to submit to GGM or other agencies? smiling, funny face, full length, headshot, etc? My kids have a lot of pictures and I am just trying to select the best ones. Appreciate any advice thanks in advance.

  • Elvi
    Posted at 19:00h, 24 May Reply

    Thank you for the information your daughter is so beautiful I have been following your Instagram page for a while now. I have been trying to get some professional shots done for my daughter to submit to modeling agencies and even though I have gotten a few nice pictures she does t seem to enjoy the process at all 🙁 she’s only one. At what age did your daughter start modeling? I hope she grows into it :/

    • Sai De Silva
      Posted at 07:31h, 30 May Reply

      Thank you for taking the time out of your day to leave us a kind comment!


      Sai and London

  • Megan Lynn
    Posted at 14:22h, 21 March Reply

    My daughter started with Generation about 3 months ago. She’s booked one job and has only been on 2 castings. How often did your daughter get castings and bookings when she first started?

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