Ballet Box

Ballet Box


I remember having a special music box growing up with a twirling ballet dancer sitting inside. I was literally obsessed with it and would watch it every night before I went to sleep. I also stuffed it with my most prized possession, (junk jewelry) which I thought was treasure (sadly mistaken).  This past christmas, I knew I wanted to get LS a monogrammed musical ballet box similar to my same childhood obsession. I actually found it a little difficult to find the perfect piece and I was under the assumption that they’re popular. If you’re looking for a good one stop by Pottery Barn Kids, they’re perfect! The best part about shopping at PBK is that they’re replaceable incase the box breaks.

It has been freezing the last few days so Scout and I decided to play a little dress up in the house. She received this adorable pink skirt from the Kardashian Kids collection which reminded her of ballet class. Of course she immediately broke out into spins when she put it on! It didn’t help that the ballerina jewelry box was belting out tunes. The outfit was perfect but unfortunately we couldn’t go outside. We opted for a small jewelry party featuring Scout’s junk jewelry from H&M, which she thought was treasure. She reminded me so much of myself as I watched her slowly dig through the box. This gift was a hit and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to give something thoughtful and personable. Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by!


LS and Mommy

scout_the_city_Ballerina_box scout-the-city_ballerina_box

Scout_the_city_Ballerina_Boxscout_the_city_ballerina_box Scout_the_city_ballerina_box Scout_the_city_ballerna_box Scout_the_city_ballerina_box scout_the_city_ballerina_box SCOUT_THE_CITY_ballerina_box

Headband: TMG Halo // Sweater: Zara // Skirt: c/o Kardashian Kids // Socks: American Scarf: Zara// Apparel // Shoes: Zara

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