Denim Guide: Kids

Denim Guide: Kids

The ultimate denim guide for children's of all ages.

Designers are starting to create stylish on-trend denim for children that are so cute I want to wear them! I had a few emails about a pair of flare jeans that LS was wearing and wanted to give you all a few options to choose from. I scouted the web for some on trend pieces that your mini would love. Let me know which is your fav!

Patchwork– Patchwork denim is the perfect way to play up your personality and so perfect for kids. Get involved and let your child pick their own patches and create a pair of denim with them, they’ll love it. It’s like channeling our inner 90’s through our tots but moms you can wear this style too.

70’s Flare– This season, nothing says casual-chic like a pair of flared jeans. This 70’s trend is making an ultimate comeback and looks adorable on children. However, If your going for a prep, bohemian, rock star cool or laid back style, flare jeans still tend to look best when paired with a piece of their own era or form-fitting tops. I think Rachel Zoe does this look best and there’s nothing wrong with borrowing adult style for children just as long as it’s fun, comfortable and kid-friendly.

overalls– How could you not love this kiddie trend! overalls were borrowed from working men in the 1700’s and used to protect laborers when working. Today this look is reinvented and can be worn best with stripes or feminine tops.

Distressed– The irony of ripped denim is that it takes time and care to engineer something so careless. This look can be tricky for children and should remain kid-friendly. Opt for pieces with small distressed work throughout. Subtle rips in the knees are more appropriate. Try these looks below.

*Don’t be afraid to shop in the boys section for a wide variety of denim.


LS and Mommy


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