It was one of those chic laid back days where we strolled  through the neighborhood looking for treasure. I remember being her age and pretending that I had a treasure map that would lead me to a chest full of jewels and gold. I guess I watched the Goonies too much but at least I can relate to her treasure finding excitement.

We just received an amazing pair of white leather shorts that fit Scout perfectly. I highly recommend these particular shorts from this small Australian brand Eve Jnr, the quality is fantastic. We went with a quilted top that you all have seen before from Omamimini. Scout regularly wears this brand because they never disappoint! I can’t wait to show you all their fall collection (I know, too soon to discuss fall). We brought the look together with our favorite pair of flats from Akid. These shoes are so cute that I grabbed a pair in my size from Mara and Mine. They’re extremely comfortable and perfect for a day of twinning it with your mini. Hope you get inspired to get a little monochromatic today. Thanks for stopping by.


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Monochromatic Monochromatic

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Top: c/o Omamimini (sold Out)// Shorts: c/o Eve Jnr, snow leather shorts// Shoes: c/o Akid, skeleton flats (sold out), shop similiar here

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