A Kids Life

A kids Life

London and I flew down to Mexico for only a few days but I’m so happy we did! I never been to a resort that catered to kids as much as CasaMagna Marriott Cancun! I had a chance to do a little research before we flew down to make sure London could take full advantage of the resort’s amenities for children.

If you’re unfamiliar with CasaMagna Marriott Cancun resort then you’re in for a treat! The property is located on one of the brightest beaches in the caribbean. Picture a white sand beach filled with palapas and the sun glistening off crystal clear blue water. Do I have your attention yet? They have several freshwater swimming pools, an array of kid-friendly international restaurants and a kids club (yes, you can actually drop your kids off)!

When we first walked into our room we were greeted by a miniature purple hot air balloon filled with cookies, macaroons and treats alongside a small beach bag filled with vacation essentials such as sunglasses, sunblock and sand toys. London went crazy and began to scream “this is the best vacation ever!” Later that evening we were invited to a welcome reception were we had the opportunity to meet other parents and children. The reception was filled to the brim with treats, chocolate fountains, jello filled tea cups and strawberry smoothies to name a few. Alice and wonderland’s tea party had nothing on this table of assortment! The night was fun and a perfect ending to our first day.

Day two started with breakfast and a boat ride to Isla Mujeres. Upon exiting the boat you’re greeted by a sea of dolphins and seals, swimming and flapping around. Can you imagine London’s excitement? We we’re whisked away to Graffón Natural Reef park, home to spectacular reefs, scenic cliffs and turquoise water. Scout attempted to snorkel but quickly realized that she was too young. She decided on a Kayak ride followed by relaxation in a hammock. I was utterly surprised by the amount of energy she possessed seeing that she still naps during the day. The night ended with Argentinean food and live dancers followed by London asking for lessons from the entertainment.

Day three was jammed packed with activities starting with mommy/daughter manicures and ice cream pedicures at their sister property, JW Marriott Cancun . Then pineta making at the kids club. After a few minutes of watching her go crazy with arts and crafts, dad and I were prompt to wait for at the restaurant for a surprise. As we eagerly waited, London appeared walking down the stairs with a handmade chefs hat and apron. We were surprised to see that she was cooking us lunch with the supervision of the head chief. Seriously, this was the cutest thing I ever seen and her cooking was pretty tasty!  The evening ended with hibachi style cooking on an open grill. The kids were served appetizers consisting of fruit sushi stuffed with fruit cream cheese presented on a white plate with the word “welcome” written in chocolate. We were seated around the grill to watch the chefs tricks and fire blaze from the oil filled onion volcanoes. The show was hit and looking at London’s enthusiasm was the icing on the cake! When we went back to our room we were surprisingly greeted by a gold box with a pink bow. Inside laid a delicate hand painted tea set. I was floored because the first day we were there, I gushed about the tea set that sat on the candy table at the reception. I couldn’t believe that the staff was so attentive and actually remembered! The gesture was beyond thoughtful and really made a lasting impression!

I took notice to how accommodating the staff was to everyone. Every guest was greeted in the same cheerful manner, the severs were all extremely attentive and the chef went above and beyond to satisfy every guest. Honestly, I want to write an entire blog post about the head chef. She was so passionate about her job and did everything to perfection! If you have the chance to visit cancun then I highly recommend staying at this hotel with your family. Your kids will love you forever! Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by.


LS and Mommy

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  1. Toni Reese
    May 22, 2015 / 1:54 PM

    Thank you so much for your insight on the Hotel. My son too is a mini model and I was drawn to your site with all of the cute stuff! Secretly I wanted a girl……… I was thinking about taking my son on a Disney Cruise for Christmas but you have me convinced that this is the place to be! Thanks again and much SUCCESS to you and London 🙂

    Hopefully Brooklyn will have as much enjoyment as London did!

    • May 24, 2015 / 9:25 AM

      We had a blast at this resort, I highly recommend it! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!


      Sai and London

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