Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year when we scramble around and try to find the perfect gift for the amazing dads in our lives. I always find it a bit difficult to pick out something that hubby would actually like. Don’t you feel it’s just easier to shop for women? Nevertheless, I have a handful of go-to gifts that always get a good response such as the Metal vent tech tops at Lululemon. They’re ideal for the guy who loves to workout and sweats a lot. It’s almost as if it’s a magic shirt that keeps you odorless and sweat free, crazy! My other favorite gift to purchase is cologne and you have got to smell Creed Green Irish tweed or 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. After one spray,  you will instantly want to follow your man around the house all day. Lastly, you can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers, whether they are Lanvin or Nike. I curated a list of some of my favs to help get you inspired to give a little. Hope you love it and thanks for stopping by!



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