Closet Copycat With Hatch

Closet Copy Cat

We recently had our friends from Hatch stop by our house for a stylish closet copycat of Scout and me. If your unfamiliar with the Hatch Collection, let me get you acquainted. Their designs are made for chic woman during, before and after pregnancy. To ensure quality in each piece the production is done right in New York City using ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturers. I was so impressed how their pieces fit my frame and only wish I found something this comfortable during my pregnancy.

When Hatch first told me about their closet copy series, I was excited to get involved. I’ve wanting to share a few of our favorite pieces for a while now.  To read the full article and scout more photos, visit the Hatchland Blog and let us know what you think. As always, thanks for stopping by.


LS and Sai

closet Copy Cat Closet CopyCat



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