3 Ways to Style A Headband

Most mixed children have beautiful curly hair which is a completely different grade of locks from their parents. It’s tricky and not as easy as one might think. Let’s face it, our kids are not down to get their hair done so I wanted to showcase three easy hair styles using Baby Bling Bows. I chose Baby bling because their pieces are incredibly soft, comfortable and won’t fall apart. All of their classic pieces are sewn by hand and manufactured in the states. The best part is that they’re made of nylon and won’t leave those weird compression marks on your kids head.  Hands down, these are some of my favorite headbands since they grow with your little fashionistas. It also helps that LS picked out a few styles on her own. Get inspired by 3 ways to style your Baby Bling headbands.


  1. Pig-tails: This style is so adorable on children especially when they have little afro puffs. Start with the headband sitting around the neck. Part the hair straight down the middle making two halves.  Grab each section and create a high ponytail. Once you have two ponytails sitting side-by-side pull the headband upward to sit right on the top of the head.

babyblingbows babyblingbows

2. High Ponytail: This is a classic hairstyle that I regularly do on Scout. I usually look from the sides of the head and gather the hair in line with Scout’s ears. Once you brush the hair forward and secure it with an elastic band you will then pull your favorite Baby Bling headband to sit at the top of the head. Fluff the ponytail out a little but be careful not to brush out the curls.



3. Baby Boho: This look is beyond easy and gives off that bohemian free-spirit look. I would much prefer to do this look when the curls are fresh and bouncy but it all depends on your preference. Once you have styled and dried the hair, spread the headband as wide as you can with your fingers. Gently push the headband down the top of the head until it fits perfectly over the forehead. Pull down any pieces in the back that might have formed a mushroom shape. Continue to fix all the strands of hair until you get the perfect boho style.


That’s it! Super simple and stylish ways to tackle everyday hair. Shop some of our favorites below.

Photography By: Lydia Hudgens

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