How To Throw A Princess Tea Party


As many of you know, LS turned Four this past week and she wanted a tea party. I wanted a set-up that was small and intimate unlike her last parties. I scouted the perfect location under a couple of trees in the park alongside a gorgeous carousel. I made a list of all the things we owned and what we might need. The day of the party, I packed a suite case and took a uber straight to the park to set-up.

Here’s a guide to throwing the perfect princess themed tea party.

  • Dresses: I wanted all the girls to feel special so I purchased pink tutu dresses and hung them from the trees until they arrived. Shop the look here 
  • Headband: Every princess needs a crown, right? I learned that glitter and sparkles are a crowd pleaser. Try sparkly crowns from here or here 
  • Teepee: Of course every princess needs a castle. We had a teepee from Tnees that was adorable. You can also customize any teepee along with a matching mat.

How to throw a princess Tea Party

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I used a few things for the surrounding decor, here’s a break down of everything we used.

  1. Pillows: I used decorative pillows from H&M to place around the mat for the girls to sit on. The size was perfect and accented the play mat perfectly.
  2. Floor Mat: You will need something sturdy that can withstand spills and messy hands. We had a mat from Let’s Playground that we used at the beach and picnics during the summer. They’re also great for indoor painting sessions since they easily wipe clean. Shop here 
  3. Tea Cups: Tea cups are pretty easy to find and we actually had a set that was gifted to us in Mexico a while back. It’s hand painted and perfect for the occasion. Try some of these tea sets to throw the perfect party.
  4. Table Runner/Rug: I picked up a small pink rug from H&M and used it as a runner just to add a pop of color. Inside the teepee I added a sheepskin rug from Ikea, purchase here.
  5. Flower Holder: I used Mason jars and added faux plastic diamonds to give it a sparkly effect.
  6. Chargers/Tray: I saw a few gold chargers on sale and snagged them up. They were absolutely perfect! The serving tray we had lying around our house which I thought was perfect for the tea pot and cake.
  7. Tassels: I found very inexpensive tassels on Amazon but the only catch is that you have to put them together yourself. I’m a bit crafty at times so this was really no big deal. After you put them together, thread each tassel onto sturdy twine and tie each side to the tree and teepee. (disclaimer: NYC parks do not allow rope/string to be tied to the trees so I had to take it down). Shop tassels here 
  8. Activities: I made a cute little box filled with colorful assorted beads and added beading wire the size of each child’s wrist. Every girl had her very own “Bracelet Box”. It was a huge hit! the girls sat and chatted while beading their bracelets. It kept them entertained a lot longer than I expected! Shop beads here and string here.

Food options are completely up to you but I went with healthy snacks and ordered pizza for lunch. The party was adorable and easy to put together. I hope you get inspired and please leave me a comment below and let us know what you think!


LS and Sai

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